Monthly Archives: December 2009

Santa Claus!


I met Santa for the first time on Saturday!   Mommy’s work had a Santa party and we went and took some pictures.  Here they are:



Let me tell you a little about my normal parents.  For Thanksgiving do we have turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and some pumpkin pie?  Noooo, we go to Belize.  Why?  Apparently because the Dallas Cowboys moved to Arlington and you can’t tailgate like before.  So their usual tradition of tailgating with friends was thrown out the window and we flew off to Central America, just because we could.  I had a good time, as you’ll see, relaxed and let Mommy and Daddy relax too, and got to see Aunt Gwen, Uncle Cory and Tammy who is a regular on this blog.  Here are the pics!