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Birthday Part III


Birthday pics continued….

I know I said there would be 4 posts, but there are only 3.  All the pictures are here, Daddy just took the extra time and effort and did all the rest.

Birthday Part II


Here is the second series of pics from my birthday…

P.S.  Mary, my Daddy will put as many pictures up at a time as he wants.  Hee-hee, a little birdy told me you wanted more….

Birthday – Part I


I turned 1 year old on Sat. the 17th, and my parents threw me a surprise party on the 18th!  Since there are so many pics, Daddy broke it up into a 4 part post.  So the last pics should be posted around July, since he posts so often…..

The pics below are from the 17th.



Sorry, about the wait between posts, Daddy has been lazy again.  A couple weeks ago was Easter, and our neighbors who babysit me invited us over for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  I’m pretty new to this world, so I don’t understand the Easter egg thing yet, but I thought I’d play along for fun.  Here are the pics: