Monthly Archives: July 2011

Big Boy Bed


I know we just put up a big post, but we had to add this one before the weekend.  On Sunday Daddy went and picked up a new bed for me.  Brad, Robyn, Grey & Linc gave it to me, who we had just gone to the zoo with the day before.  For the record, they offered the bed before the trip to the zoo.  It was given to them by Daddy’s old boss, Rodney.  Small world.

Daddy snuck in and took this pic my first night in it. I slept all the way through with no problems.

Dallas Zoo


We went to the Dallas Zoo back in June for Mommy’s work outing.  We went again July 25th for fun and to see some things we missed the first time.  Here are the pics.  First the June trip and then the July trip.  We are not planning on going in August.  But we are going to the circus!

One thing not mentioned was that I got my first bee sting on this trip.  You would think it would happen at the zoo, or at home by now, but nope, it happened on the train.  How/why a bee was on the train I don’t know, but it stung me.  On my left pinky finger.  We also figured out I wasn’t allergic to bee stings.

July Misc.


Just some random pics before things get crazy again.  What?  Well, last Saturday I went to the zoo again, and this weekend I’m going to Kansas for a family reunion.   So Daddy’s going to be real busy with all the pictures.



Since I’m 2 now, Mommy and Daddy thought I had waited long enough and that it was time to get me a bike.  Finally!  Here it is!



Mommy and Daddy took me to my first baseball game last Friday.  We went to see the Frisco Roughriders play.  They are the Texas Rangers’ AA farm team.  There weren’t any tractors, cows or pigs, so I’m not sure why they are called a farm team, but oh well.  My Godfather David gaves us the tickets which allowed us into an all you can eat area.  And guess what they had?  HAMBURGERS AND HOT DOGS!    And guess what I had?  HAMBURGERS AND HOT DOGS!  Well I actually just had 1 hamburger.  It was fun and here are the pics.