Capriana Marie is here.


It’s still me, Zayne here.  Welcome to the revised site.  We made a few changes with the entry of my new little sister into the world.  You may notice the name change from Zayne’s World to Capriana’s Isola (Isle) for those who don’t speak Italian.  I will continue to be featured and narrate until she can sub-conscientiously talk to Daddy, but for a while my little sister will get most of the pics.  I haven’t gotten jealous yet, at least that’s what Mommy and Daddy have said, of course she’s only been here since Monday.  I know you want to see the pics, in fact you probably skipped this and went straight to the pics, but first some stats:

Born:  Monday 10/24 at 3:08 pm.  Home at 9:30 pm on Monday.

Weight:  5lbs, 8oz.

Lenght 18.75″

Capriana (Kah-pree-ahna) not Cap as in ball cap.  Marie as in Marie.

And now on to some pics:

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