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Zayne’s Birthday #4


I turned 4 last weekend, week, month (Dad, you were this close to blowing that last one too).  Luckily Thomas was in town (if you call a 45 minute drive to Grapevine in town), and my parents took me to see and ride him.  My friends Remy, Hannah and Hunter met us out there to ride him too.   Then we came back to our house for cake and ice cream, where some more friends, Grey and Linc, and Grandma and Grandpa Jennings and my Godfather David met us.



We start this post on a sad note.  Our neighbor Carl, who’s house hosted previous Easter egg hunts and Thanksgivings passed away earlier this year.  His remaining family graciously invited us out to their daughter’s house for the annual Easter egg hunt.  As his son Carl Jr. stated before the prayer, it’s now time for the next generation to take over.  Well, they did.  And everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  We know we did, here are the pics:

And finally, March pics, session #2


Ya, we’ve been a little busy, and a LOT tired, hence the reason for not posting sooner.