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Zayne’s birthday!


Zayne was going to turn 5 on April 17th, time for a party, right?  Only problem, we’d be in Sicily during that time, so we had it a couple weeks early and invited his entire class (Mommy’s idea) and some close friends.  We had planned an outdoor themed Fireman/firetruck party with games.  Of course the only day it rains in April, and for exactly an hour and a half starting 1/2 before the party…..  We went through with it anyway, minus some games and tucked into the garage.  The kids had a blast, the parents understood and we exhausted ourselves.

March pics


Another busy month, here’s proof:

Feb. Misc.


We’re clearing out the last couple of months to get to the “good stuff” of Sicily.  But first we have to catalogue Feb. (this post) and March, next post.  Enjoy.