Monthly Archives: November 2011

The last 2 weeks (more or less)


Though it’s only been a week and a half since the last post, it sure seems like a lot longer.  As usual we’ve been busy around here.  But not in our usual way, no in a new little sister kind of way.  And other….I’ve been sick, gotten Daddy sick and Capriana is in a continual growth spurt and Mommy isn’t getting much of a break.

Footprints! (and a thumb print)


On Friday, we went back to the birth center for Mommy and Capriana’s 10 day check up.  Also, on that visit, it’s the birth center’s tradition to put the baby’s footprints on the wall.  As a sibling not born there, I don’t get to put my feet up, but I get to put my thumb print up.

More Capriana, Halloween, Granparents & me


As you can probably guess, the last week around here has been pretty crazy.  We had dr’s appt’s, visitors and Halloween.  Here are some pics to document the week.

I also call my little sister, Nonna, Sister and usually The Baby.  None are approved nicknames according to Mommy and Daddy.