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The June post is up, which means Daddy is all caught up!!  (Or mostly, anyway).

Post Zayne’s birthday April and May


And now some pics from after Zayne’s birthday party going through May.  Let’s see we prepped for our Memorial trip to Camp Clearfork in Arkansas to mountain bike, had a party, Zayne had a karate belt test and just generally stayed busy.

Oh , and one other little item, Capriana learned to ride a bike without training wheels!  (Video link below.)

Capriana Riding

Zayne’s birthday #6


Zayne turned 6 this year and had a few celebrations.  We went to his school and had a school b-day party, we had a family party at our house and then had friends and family over for another party.  Yes, in the future when he acts up, Mommy and Daddy will pull up this post and show him.  Enjoy!



March (and part of April)


Here are some various pics from March and early April.  Some are grainy since the phone doesn’t have the best camera.