Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas Stuff


I, we, made Daddy put up lights for Christmas.  Not only that, but Mommy’s friend Mary and her husband Carl brought over some lawn decorations too!  And they brought extra extension cords too!  Daddy was very happy about that.  Of course right after they dropped off all the extra lights they went to the mall….on Black Friday!  Daddy said he’d rather be kicked in the.. than go to the mall on (what?  I’m not supposed to tell that part?).  Ok, pics.

Holiday Train


Part of our December to remember (sorry Lexus, stole it) we went to Greenville where the Kansas City Southern Holiday Train was making a stop.  Our Grandma and Grandpa Jennings found out about it and invited us.  Well, we couldn’t resist a train, and seeing them.  They also took the opportunity to take a pic for their Christmas card.  Throw in some dinner afterwards and you’ve got a pretty nice little Saturday.  I guess a thousand other people had the same idea because the line was llloooonnnnngggg.  We waited an hour and 15 minutes to get into the train.  But it was worth it, and it was in the upper 60’s.

November Misc.


November turned into a busy month with our family coming down for the K-State/TCU game, just playing around the house, a Thanksgiving day lunch at our school (plus the normal Thanksgiving activities), putting up the Christmas tree and outside lights and going to Kansas at the very end of the month.  So, here are some pics: